Women's health

Coping with stress, eating the right diet and exercising regularly are the basics that lead to good health. For women, a balanced production of hormones to regulate the monthly cycle and removal of toxins are also needed.

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  • Wholistic™ Shatavari Supplement

    Wholistic™ Shatavari

    Wholistic™ Shatavari is an organic blend of whole & concentrated Shatavari root extract

  • Womankind  Supplement


    Womankind is an organic nourishing blend including Shatavari, Motherwort & Red Clover

  • Womankind Cranberry  Supplement

    Womankind Cranberry

    Womankind Cranberry is a gentle but effective herbal blend including some of nature’s most powerful plants including cranberry, shatavari and aloe vera Juice.

  • Womankind Tea

    Womankind Tea

    Womankind tea is a delicate dance of organic cranberry, rose & sweet vanilla

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  • Blackcurrant Beauty Tea

    Blackcurrant Beauty Tea

    Blackcurrant Beauty tea is an organic blend of deliciously deep purple organic fruits to help you glow inside & out

  • Wholistic™ Turmeric 60 capsules Supplement

    Wholistic™ Turmeric 60 capsules

    Wholistic™ Turmeric is a total spectrum turmeric supplement for enhanced curcumin absorption

  • Motherkind Baby  Tea

    Motherkind Baby

    Motherkind Baby, nature’s finest organic herbs to help breastfeeding new mums

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  • Motherkind Pregnancy   Tea

    Motherkind Pregnancy

    Motherkind Pregnancy is a natural and organic vitamin formula, expertly blended to nourish and energise your body throughout conception and pregnancy.

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  • Womankind Menopause Supplement

    Womankind Menopause

    Womankind Menopause is a nourishing, organic blend of botanicals targeted to help support your menopausal journey.

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