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  • Green Collection Tea

    Green Collection

    Green Collection – Supreme Matcha, Clean Matcha, Mint Matcha, Ginseng Matcha and Wonder Berry Green teas

  • Wonder Berry Green Tea

    Wonder Berry Green

    A sensuous organic wonder blend of purple berries, spices and whole leaf green tea

  • Motherkind Baby  Tea

    Motherkind Baby

    Motherkind Baby, nature’s finest organic herbs to help breastfeeding new mums

  • Motherkind Pregnancy   Tea

    Motherkind Pregnancy

    Motherkind Pregnancy is a natural and organic vitamin formula, expertly blended to nourish and energise your body throughout conception and pregnancy.

  • Lean Matcha Green

    Lean Matcha Green

    Lean Matcha Green tea is a special blend of oolong, cinnamon, ginger and fennel designed to ignite your inner fire.

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    Special Price £2.39

  • Turmeric Active Tea

    Turmeric Active Tea

    Pukka Turmeric Active tea is a spicy blend with turmeric, galangal, ginger and orange essential oil - perfect for active people and sports lovers, as well as those a little less nimble.

    Regular Price: £2.99

    Special Price £2.39