Feel Alive

We’ve called this family of teas ‘Feel Alive’ because that’s what they do. Using only the finest organic herbs, the incredible power of nature can help you get the most from life. From occasions to moods to helping your body balance, these are teas that show the power of incredible organic herbs in all their glory.

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  • Detox Tea

    Detox Tea

    Detox tea is a clean fusion of organic aniseed, fennel and cardamom

  • Revitalise Tea

    Revitalise Tea

    Revitalise tea is a burst of warming organic cinnamon, cardamom and ginger

  • Relax Tea

    Relax Tea

    Relax tea is a deeply soothing fusion of organic chamomile, fennel and marshmallow root

  • Mint Refresh Tea

    Mint Refresh Tea

    Mint Refresh tea is a spring of organic peppermint, fennel and rose

  • Night Time Tea

    Night Time Tea

    Night Time tea, a dreamy bed of organic oat flower, lavender and limeflower

  • After Dinner Tea

    After Dinner Tea

    After Dinner tea is a delicious digestif of organic sweet fennel, roasted chicory and cardamom

  • Cleanse Tea

    Cleanse Tea

    Cleanse tea is a radiant blend of organic nettle, fennel and peppermint

  • Love Tea

    Love Tea

    Love tea is a heart-warming touch of organic rose, chamomile and lavender

  • Detox Tea with Lemon Tea

    Detox Tea with Lemon

    Detox tea with Lemon is a lemony spring of organic aniseed, fennel & cardamom