3 Steps to Easy Relaxation

Calming the mind and rejuvenating the body.

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Calming the mind and rejuvenating the body.
Relaxation is a skill that anyone can learn. The stresses and endless demands of life cause patterns of tension and fatigue that inhibit the body's natural capacity to relax. Fatigue and exhaustion lead to illness. Rediscovering how to turn on the relaxation response creates deep rest, vitality, health, calm and true inner-peace.

• Follow the tracks sequentially as they are designed to guide you step by step through techniques that will empower you to be more relaxed in all of life's situations.

• Learn how to use the techniques that suit you and your life-stage best.

• Use before breakfast to promote a calm mind and prepare you for the day ahead.

• Use before sleep to promote a deep and restful sleep.

3 Steps to Easy Relaxation Supplement

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